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Valley-Wide Health Systems Medical Clinics are open and seeing all patients. We also have telehealth appointments available for most healthcare needs. Please call 719-589-3658 to get started.

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For regular appointments, please call your clinic and ask for your provider’s receptionist to schedule your appointment. (Click here for clinic locations and phone numbers)

For urgent or emergency medical situations please call 911 or go to the emergency room. For urgent or emergency questions after normal clinic hours, call the clinic phone number as listed. Your call will be forwarded to our nurse triage system or other appropriate staff. If necessary, your physician or the physician on call will be contacted.

Routine appointments such as “follow-up” appointments, physicals and yearly pelvic and paps need to be scheduled in advance. Acute illnesses such as sore throats or other infections may be scheduled the same day. If you feel you have an urgent health problem and are told there is not an available appointment, please ask to talk to the nurse.

Come Prepared

You can make the most of your appointment if you come prepared. Please write down the questions you want to ask your health care provider. Then you can make sure you don’t forget anything. If you need to call your health care provider, you will probably talk to his or her nurse. The nurse is your link to the health care provider. He/She has received special training to answer your questions. If it is something the nurse isn’t sure of, he/she will check with your health care provider.

You can save time by printing the forms you need and filling them out before you arrive for your appointment.

Your health care provider needs to know all of the medications you are taking. Each time you visit one of our clinics please bring all of your medications with you, or make a detailed list with the medication name, dosage and the times that you take each medication. Our clinic can provide a Home Medication List to you to help you collect this information. Also, if you are breastfeeding or pregnant, make sure you tell your health provider.

Here’s an important reminder: Please bring your photo ID and insurance information with you to each visit.

Cell Phone Etiquette

Please respect others around you in the waiting room as well as when you are visiting with your medical provider and/or nurse. In consideration of other patients and staff please discontinue cell phone use during your visit by turning your cell phone off or to vibrate-only mode.