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Alamosa Dental Clinic

Alamosa Dental Clinic

Alamosa Dental Clinic Services Overview

The Alamosa Dental Clinic provides general family dental services. We treat patients of all ages and backgrounds, from toddlers to seniors, and veterans. Our goal is to offer you the information you need in order to make the best dental health decisions and receive the best dental treatment and care. Here is a brief overview of what we offer: 

Diagnostic services like routine exams, x-rays, and dental screening

Restorative care, including both composite and amalgam fillings

Preventive care, including routine cleanings, oral hygiene education, fluoride application, and sealants

Services Available in The Alamosa Dental Clinic

The Alamosa Dental Clinic patients have access to the following services: 

  • Periodontal treatment: deep cleanings called Scaling and Root Planing to stop bone loss from hard deposits and bacteria below the gum. 
  • Oral surgery services: extractions, surgical extractions, and alveoloplasty.  
  • Endodontic treatment: root canals.
  • Prosthetic treatment: crowns, fixed bridges, complete dentures, and removable partial dentures.
  • Specialty dental care recommendations and advice.
  • Same-day treatment for emergencies.

When specialty dental care is recommended we are happy to help you explore those options. No matter your needs, you can be sure they will be answered at Alamosa Dental Clinic. You and your loved ones will be in the best company, receive the best care, and have your dental health restored in no time. 

Schedule an Appointment with a Dentist in Alamosa, CO!

Do you have a dental emergency or some other dental problems that you have postponed taking care of for too long? Call our office now at (719) 589-9691 and schedule an appointment with a dentist at our Alamosa, CO, Dental Clinic. We will make sure you receive an accurate diagnosis and the treatment and care you need, as soon as possible.

Besides Alamosa dentist services, our dental clinic  also offers patient support services. We have a Patient Navigator ready to help you plan your treatment priorities, explore financial options, and follow-up with treatment and referrals. All Valley-Wide Health Systems sites, including Alamosa Dental Clinic, are now on an Electronic Health Records system. This allows for immediate access to your health records in any other Valley-Wide medical, dental, physical therapy or anticoagulation clinic. Valley-Wide Health Systems can also send your prescriptions directly to your chosen pharmacy electronically.

Our dental insurance support staff coordinates dental insurance benefits and pre-authorizations. They can help you assess if your treatment is covered by Medicaid or your private health insurer, and find solutions to cover your costs if you’re uninsured.. 

At our clinic, you will find not only a wonderful dentist in the Alamosa, CO, area, but a complete array of services meant to ensure your dental health, access to the best treatment and care available, and an overall positive, satisfactory experience for you and your loved ones. 

Providers at This Location
Amy Zimmerman, RDH
Amy Zimmerman, RDH
Registered Dental Hygienist
Alyse Davis, DDS
Alyse Davis, DDS