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Building Skills for Effective Teams (BSET)

Building Skills for Effective Teams (BSET) is a program facilitated by the Center for Nursing Excellence here in Colorado. BSET is a year-long team-building program focused on improving quality, safety, patient satisfaction and team resiliency. A five person team from Sierra Blanca Medical Center and another five person team from Edward M. Kennedy Dental Clinic is currently participating in the BSET Program. This team is comprised of 

Sierra Blanca Medical Center Team

  • Kyle Phillips, FNP BC
  • Deann Dodds, LPN 
  • Anjel Fonseca, Clinic Support Staff
  • Danielle Kern, Patient Support Network Representative
  • Karen Mizokami, Sierra Blanca Medical Center Clinic Manager/ Patient Support Network Manager

Edward M. Kennedy Dental Clinic Team

  • Stacey Robben, DDS
  • Berenice Rivera, Patient Navigator
  • Alejandra Garcia, Dental Assistant
  • Blanca Lauro, Dental Assistant
  • Monica Zamarripa, Dental Support Staff

In October of 2016 the BSET program kicked off with a three day session that included the team taking part in a high ropes training course. This course is designed to have the BSET team work together to accomplish the course while learning to rely on each other. Each team member had the opportunity to try each obstacle on the high ropes course with their team members on the ground coaching and encouraging them from below. Team members were able to find strength within themselves and their teams to tackle their fears of heights and falling. Gaining this skill of overcoming adversity is helping the Sierra Blanca and Edward M. Kennedy BSET teams to build and grow a more positive, dynamic team that is solution oriented and patient focused.