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Celebrating Physical Therapy Month

Spotlight on Physical Therapy

It is that time of year again to celebrate Physical Therapy Month.  But why is it that it only comes one time per year when it should be celebrated on a daily basis?  It is your physical health after all!  Valley-Wide Physical Therapy works diligently to improve the physical well being of all patients who enter our clinic.

Physical well being is not just the symptom of back pain, headaches or any other painful area of your body.  It is the entire body as all parts are needed to be able to function at optimal level.  Therefore, Valley-Wide Physical Therapy uses a wide range of physical therapy services to help improve upon the symptom(s), but we also look at the rest of the body to determine if another joint, muscle, etc…is contributing to the overall painful movement.  The therapists utilize joint mobilizations, dry needling, therapeutic exercises and other modalities to improve movement and stability throughout the body.

Joint mobilizations can help increase mobility within a specific joint.  This allows you to reach higher overhead or bend down lower to pick things up from the floor.  Dry needling is an innovative technique used to decrease muscle trigger points within the body that cause referral pain to other parts of the body.  Decreasing trigger points helps to reduce overall pain but also allow for more pain-free movement.  Therapeutic exercises help to increase strength in weak muscles and decrease activation of overused muscles.  This creates balance between both sides of your body.  Modalities are used in conjunction with other treatment techniques to decrease painful inflammation or alleviate tight and/or sore muscles.

Try Valley-Wide Physical Therapy!

Valley-Wide Physical Therapy treats a wide variety of diagnoses ranging from post-operative rehab to pre/postpartum pain to chronic pain.  We also provide injury prevention appointments.  You will have a general screen performed followed by a development of a treatment plan to help prevent future injury.  We strive to provide every patient with the tools needed to perform at maximum functional level.

Talk to your healthcare provider to see if physical therapy would help you.  We have 4 clinics to serve you!

Alamosa Physical Therapy
106 Blanca Ave., Ste 300, Alamosa, (719) 589-5149

Edward M. Kennedy Physical Therapy
925 2nd Ave., Monte Vista, (719) 852-7081

Guadalupe Physical Therapy
10 St. & Dahlia, Antonito, CO 81120, (719) 376-5426

San Luis Physical Therapy
233 Main Street, Suite B, San Luis, (719) 672-3352