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Dental X-rays

The following are the different types of dental radiographs (x-ray images):

  • A bitewing radiograph show several upper and lower teeth from one side of the mouth on one small image. This helps detect cavities and bone levels.
  • A periapical radiograph shows several teeth and their roots and the jawbone they are in in a certain area of the mouth. This helps detect root or bone abnormalities
  • A complete series is a series of bitewing and periapical radiographs that shows all the teeth, roots and related areas of the jaws. This gives dentist complete view of the mouth to form a complete treatment plan.
  • A panoramic radiograph shows all the upper and lower teeth, large portions of the jaws and other structures on one large image. When this kind of x-ray image is taken, no film is put inside your mouth. But this kind of x-ray image does not provide as much detail as smaller images.
  • A cone beam computed tomography (cone beam CT or CBCT) x-ray provides a 3-dimensional image of the jaw for clear assessment and planning treatment. It is often used to plan implant placement, orthodontic treatment or help diagnose other conditions of the oral cavity or head.