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Valley-Wide Health Systems Medical Clinics are open and seeing patients for: OB checkups, well child checks age 0-2, chronic and acute illness care, and MAT services.

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The Economic Impact of Valley-Wide Health Systems, Inc.

In addition to providing critically needed health care services, Valley-Wide’s business operations positively impact our community’s economy:

Valley-Wide Health Systems, Inc.

  • Is a major employer in its community, providing direct employment for people in the community, including critical entry-level jobs, training, and career-building opportunities.
  • Adds to its local economies directly by purchasing goods and services from local businesses, and employees spend their paychecks in local businesses.
  • Engages in building and remodeling projects, acting as a catalyst for economic revitalization by attracting investment and other businesses in the community.
  • Attracts and retains more residents, businesses, and employment by adding to the economic activity in the community.

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