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Happy (and Pain Free) Physical Therapy Month

As we all sit at our desks typing away or are on our feet completing our day to day tasks there is one thing we almost all have in common…that nagging low back pain at the end of the day.  In celebration of Physical Therapy Month, your friendly Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Providers would like to share some tips to help you combat the familiar pain.

  • Do not stay stagnant – You should not stay in 1 position for longer than 30 minutes.  If you sit at the computer most of the day, get up and walk around.  If you are on your feet all day, try to find some time to sit down and take a few breaths.  This will help to decrease tight and overworked muscles.
  • Posture is everything – Make sure you sit/stand with ears in alignment over shoulders and hips.  This helps to decrease the strain on those back muscles.  We are not optometrists, but make sure you are not leaning in to see the computer monitor as this throws your posture out of balance.
  • Water is the essence of life – Make sure you are getting at least 8 – 8oz glasses of water per day.  Water keeps your muscles hydrated and prevents stiffness.  This will also help with getting you up from your desk as you will have to frequent the restroom more often.
  • Exercise does the body good – Not everyone likes to exercise but it is one of the best things you can do for your body.  It keeps muscles strong and flexible.

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