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Joint Replacement

Patients with Prior Infection of a Joint Replacement

Patients who have had infection of joint replacement in the past should have antibiotic treatments before dental work. These guidelines are recommendations, and they may be altered by your dentist or your orthopedic surgeon. If you have questions about your specific situation, you should discuss any concerns with your doctor.

What Antibiotics Are Used?

When antibiotics are recommended, most patients take Amoxicillin, usually one hour before the dental work. If you cannot tolerate oral antibiotics, your doctor may recommend Cefazolin or Ampicillin, which will be taken within one hour of the procedure.  If you are allergic to these medications, your doctor may recommend an alternative antibiotic, usually Clindamycin (either oral or injected).

By Jonathan Cluett, M.D.


AAOS, ADA Release CPG for Prophylactic Antibiotics American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery

If you need to know if you need antibiotics before a dental visit, please speak to your physician.