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Letter from a Patient

Thank you to Carla Curtis for sharing the following letter. Great work from the Valley-Wide Cañon City Dental Team!

My name is Carla Curtis. I have been a patient of Doctor Kyle Larsen for the past 5 months. Before I knew Dr. Larsen, I had been in so much pain losing tooth after tooth because I didn’t have the money to go to the dentist. I didn’t have the money to save them with fillings. So, Each extracted tooth lowered my confidence, spirit, and youth.

Dr. Kyle Larsen is a dentist at Valley-Wide Cañon City.

Finally, I met the staff at Valley-Wide Dental. Ann Simpson, the receptionist was fantastic. She treated me like a friend. She helped me to speed up the process by fitting me in when others cancelled. She was truly special. She lit up the waiting room with her smile.

Dr. Larsen gave me a scheduled of what was needed before I would be fitted for my top denture and lower partial plate. It helped me to know, step by step, what would happen next.

Kristen Ulrich and Heather Ledger, Dr. Larsen’s assistants, were the best. They treated me with dignity, kindness, and respect. They were patient with me because I was scared of the dentist office because of bad experiences in my past.

Dr. Larsen was incredible. He listened and responded to my questions. He cared. He was like an artist when he was measuring my bite and creating the masterpiece of my upper denture. When the wax came in, I thought the teeth were too small. He agreed. On my next appointment, the wax teeth were perfect.

Finally, after all the work on all our parts, my dentures were ready to wear. It was so wonderful to smile again. I have already given out all the business cards I had because other people around me, that knew my struggle, loved them. I need to get more cards.

I now feel like I can try to get a job, go out in public, take my hand away from my mouth when I talk, and just feel young again without depression. There is hope for me because of the staff at Valley-Wide Dental.

I also want to thank the people who gave me the money received from the low-income grant to pay for my dentures. Without the grant, I would have never been able to afford my smile.