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Preparing for the Baby

This week is National Women’s Health Week. During the week millions of women take steps to improve their health, and are reminded to build positive healthy habits that will last a lifetime. The positive habits that are built can have an effect on various parts of a woman’s life. In the article below Dr. Smith discusses how preconception care is important for having a healthy pregnancy.

You have decided to have a baby. Congratulations, we are very happy for you! By planning ahead and making needed changes before you become pregnant you are more likely to be prepared and have a healthy pregnancy. A key part of planning a pregnancy is preconception care.

Prior to becoming pregnant, it is important to make healthy choices. Many women do not know they are pregnant until weeks into the pregnancy. The first eight weeks are the most important for the pregnancy, as the baby’s organs are developing and it is growing rapidly. Poor health, smoking, alcohol and drugs including marijuana can affect the pregnancy.

Dr. Patrick Smith, practices in our La Junta clinic.

A healthy lifestyle and body helps your baby grow and develop better. It is a good idea to eat a healthy & well-balanced diet, exercise every day, and take a prenatal vitamin that has folic acid & iron even before you are pregnant. Having a healthy weight is better for the pregnancy. Another good idea is to get all of your immunizations up to date before conceiving.

Finding a health care provider who is right for you is very important. At Valley-Wide, there is a team of family medicine physicians, nurses and pediatrician available to offer you wonderful obstetric care.

Preparing for pregnancy will ensure that you give your baby the best possible start. Preconception care involves eating right, keeping fit, avoiding unhealthy substances, and creating a healthy environment for your pregnancy. Being prepared for the pregnancy adventure allows you to focus on the future and joyful times ahead.