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Staying Motivated and Sticking to a Workout Plan

As part of Physical Fitness & Sports month Valley-Wide Health Systems will be sharing information about how physical activity can improve your well-being. In the article below, Chief Dental Officer Dr. Stacey Robben shares some great tips about how to stay motivated and committed to a workout plan.

Sometimes the hardest part of starting a workout plan is the first day. With the busy lives we each have, it becomes easy to talk ourselves out of working out whether it’s due to lack of time, lack of sleep, or lack of motivation.

  • Make working out a priority, we make time for what we prioritize
  • Re-think hitting the snooze button, working out can re-energize you for the day
  • Keep a journal or a calendar where you can write down your workout for the day and what you accomplished. I like to track, miles, heart rate, reps with weight lifting along with weights used, and how I felt

Stacey Robben, DDS
Chief Dental Officer

  • The weather is incredible, get outside as much as you can, ask a friend to go for a walk, find a workout partner
  • Figure out where you feel comfortable working out. Going to a gym is not for everyone. If you want to workout at home, there are many free online videos for working out or reasonable equipment you could buy 

Start with a walk, invite a friend to walk, get outside. Make goals at the beginning of the week for working out (days, workout plan, distances, reps/weights) and write them down. Make sure to check off your accomplishments as you achieve them.

Valley-Wide Health Systems is committed to providing information conducive to a healthy active lifestyle. For more information and to discuss your wellness  journey with a provider visit us at vwhs.org.