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Valley-Wide Pharmacy Passes Independent Audit

Valley-Wide Health Systems, Inc. is pleased to report that an independent audit was recently conducted on the organization’s Pharmacy Department, and the team received a clean report with no errors.

The Valley-Wide Pharmacy team received no errors and a clean report on a recent independent audit.

The independent audit was conducted by Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions. The auditors noted that it is not common for organization’s to receive final reports with no errors.

“We are obviously proud of these results,” said Eric Wolfe and Justin Hanel, Co-Directors of Valley-Wide’s Pharmacy. “We believe that it is a reflection of our commitment to serving our patients with excellence. That commitment is evident at all levels of our entire organization. We are not only proud of our pharmacy staff but all of Valley-Wide. We all have a part in making the 340B program a success!”

The purpose of the independent audit of pharmacies across the nation is to ensure regulatory compliance within the company’s 340B drug program. The 340B drug program is designed to maximize federal resources so more eligible patients are reached with comprehensive services, maintain services offered, and improve quality of care. This also allows organizations to remain financially viable. Through participation in the 340B program, it is estimated that Valley-Wide saves roughly 1.4 million dollars annually.

Some of the items that are observed during audits are the types of prescriptions being filled, both at Valley-Wide’s pharmacy and contract pharmacies and the medications and supplies being sent to clinics.

“This is obviously an important issue in our current climate,” explained Wolfe. “We are committed to strictly following all regulations in order to best service our communities.”