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Wellness Corner: Meal Prepping

Written by Angelica Romero-Quintana, Clinic Manager

Every week, we are going to provide a Wellness tip for the community. Angelica Romero-Quintana is very skilled in this area. She is the Clinic Manager of Valley-Wide La Jara Dental and Valley-Wide Guadalupe Health Clinic in Antonito.

Angelica’s garden.

This week’s lesson: Meal Prepping doesn’t have to be complicated! Don’t over think it, don’t’ stress yourself out. This should be an activity that makes your life easier. So, for example, this weekend I went TOTALLY basic. Nothing fancy, but definitely tasty.

Start with things on sale, this week steaks were on sale. So Monday (Since we had a fabulous day off) I grilled up some steaks, let them sit , sliced them up and put them in my prep boxes.

Here’s a tidbit about me, my garden is my happy place ! And I’m happy to say that I had my first harvest of bok choy this weekend:

Do you garden? I feel that this is such an important part of my Mental Wellness. Gardening allows me to just focus on the task in front of me, the dirt under my nails and in between my toes (yes I garden barefoot, ha-ha.)


So with this beautiful harvest of fresh bok choy I threw it on the grill with some olive oil, salt and pepper. I also paired it with a couple skewers of grape tomatoes, also tossed with evoo, salt & pepper.

Perfectly grilled vegetables, it only takes about 5 minutes to grill those leafy greens, medium/high heat. You don’t want to over do it.

The tomatoes take about 15 min, also on medium/high heat.

Add a little bit of tomatoes and bok choy to your prep boxes. Feel free to prep a starch and add it to your boxes as well.


I’m low-carb most of the time so I don’t typically add the starches and extra carbs.