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Winter Wellness: Dr. DiDomenico Shares Oral Health Tips for the Holidays

Throughout the month of December, Valley-Wide Health Systems will be sharing information regarding Winter Wellness and how to stay physically and emotionally healthy during the Winter Season, as well as tips for keeping your teeth healthy. In the article below, Dr. Samantha DiDomenico offers tips on maintaining good oral health throughout the holidays.

  • Beware sticky, hard, chewy, gummy or sugary foods such as candied apples, candy canes, toffee, caramel, soft chew mints, and chestnuts. These may be tempting holiday treats, but can be very harmful to your teeth.
  • Bring a cheese platter to your next Christmas party. Cheese, yogurt, and milk reduce the acidity of carbonated/adult beverages. The acidity of these beverages can wear away the protective enamel of your teeth so nibbling on cheese with your drink can be hugely helpful to your teeth. Plus, who doesn’t love cheese with their wine?
  • Keep up your daily oral hygiene routine. Remember that brushing twice a day and flossing before bedtime is not something you should skip just because the holidays can mix up your normal schedule. Do your best to stick to this schedule even if you’re traveling.
  • Drink lots of water! Drinking water throughout the day can help you feel full, avoid the temptation of sweet treats, and wash your teeth of any freshly built up bacteria.
  • NEVER use your teeth as bottle or present openers. Keep a bottle/cork opener and a pair of scissors nearby at Christmas parties. Consider the $1000 crown you might need if you break off a piece of your tooth. That just became a very expensive bottle of wine or gift from Aunt Sally.

With all of the sugary treats that are available around the holidays, scheduling a cleaning with your dentist is a good idea. Schedule your appointment today!